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Win every week lottery

Lottery rules :

1: The member who add 10 active members to join his team every week  

Reward is : 30$

Every user will be eligible for reward every week thanks . 

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  •  Learn how to read and forecast the markets
  •  Discover how to find trade opportunities and manage risk
  •  Make smarter decisions with experienced market analysts guidance
  •  Unlock and trade up to $2.5M of our capital - keep 70% of any profits

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can also earn by making a team . In this platform you can earn 7 percent on the first level and 3 percent on the second level and 1 percent on the third level which will be automatically added to your account.if you have any other questions please contact customer service

You can earn 3 to 4 percent profit of your investment daily. In 24 hours you will place one trade whose profit will be added to your account automatically according to your deposit.

As soon as you login to your account, your complete balance will be shown in the dashboard ۔

You can deposit and withdraw using the USDT network in this platform You can do also withdraw from this TRC20 USDT network.

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